Monday, September 15, 2008

Who Needs Video Games?

We got a new FRONT LOADING washing machine. The kids love it. Today I tripped over Keira's juice cup that was lying beside the washing machine. Josh said she had her snack while she was watching the washing machine today...
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Monday, September 01, 2008

OCD or Terrible Twos?

It seems that whenever I do...anything with Keira, she takes whatever I do, starts it over, and then does it all by herself. ("All myself" is how she pronounces it.)

Brushing teeth time? I open the drawer with the toothbrushes. She CLOSES the door and opens it herself. I pick up her toothbrush. She puts the toothbrush down and picks it back up. I turn the water on. She turns the water off then back on again. (you get the picture...)

It never changes. The thing is if I just wait for her to do it without my intervention, she argues and says she doesn't want to do it. (It being ANYTHING that I want her to do.) I just think she likes the process of being obstinate. You should see what she does if we skip the whole let her do it herself step. It gets pretty ugly.

So, tonight as I was watching Keira put the lid back on the vitamins so she could take it off, I began to wonder if this is how OCD starts? She gets so used to repeating everything that she does that it becomes habit then it becomes a need. Am I fostering OCD in my 2 year old because I don't want her to yell at me?

I'm hoping it is just the terrible twos. She turns three in a few weeks. It will all end then, right? We leave the terrible twos and go into the terrific threes, right? Her attitude changes completely, right???