Sunday, March 16, 2008

Night Turns Five!

Night turned 5 this past Wednesday. Of all the possible things he could do to celebrate, he decided he wanted to go to IHOP. Alrighty!!

As is tradition in my lil family, we woke Night up* by singing Happy Birthday to him with a candle-lit muffin. Since the muffins usually end up half-eaten (I guess the presents are a bit of a distraction), I decided to be conservative and buy MINI-muffins-one for each of us. That'd be perfect, right-we were going out for breakfast after all...

But Josh then informed me that mini muffins don't have enough surface area to allow for safety. The candle melted all over Josh's hand when Night blew it out!!

This was the one thing he wished for... (thanks to his nerdy Dad, Night is a huge Star Wars geek)

Keira gets one present (Night got about 5) because presents are fun for everyone!

After opening up presents, it was off to IHOP, where they were celebrating HORTON HEARS A WHO.

Beezlenut juice (sprite with jello chunks-surprisingly gross...) and Who cakes with green eggs and ham!

Then we went to the park for cake. Cakes, actually. You can never have too much sugar on your birthday.

We had a great day, it is hard to believe he is five already!!

*Yes, Night sleeps on the couch. We only have two bedrooms, and the kids kept waking each other up when they shared a room, so now he has his own room...

Friday, March 07, 2008


I love the rain. I am in love with rain. I am certain that sleeping with the window open while it rains is what heaven would be like. When I'm awake, I love to read by an open window during the rain.

I want to move to Seattle-for the rain. Of course, I would love to move anywhere-for the adventure, so I guess that doesn't have much impact.

I have considered buying one of those sound machines that play rain, but then would that ruin my love affair with rain? If I have rain EVERY night when I go to sleep, I wouldn't get that little excited feeling every time I hear that it is raining. But maybe it would be worth it because I would get to sleep with the rain ALL of the time.

To compare, I am in love with Josh. I never get tired of him. I still get that excited feeling with him. Maybe I should get the rain machine... But I do love Josh lots more than I love the rain, so maybe I shouldn't compare the two. I shouldn't get the machine...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008


This would've been so cool to experience!

I think I might have been scared, though. What if it were some kind of prequel to the rapture or something?? Then I'd be scared I had messed up!!