Wednesday, May 30, 2007

104 Things About Me

Updated in purple 5/30/07

1.I have a son, born 3/12/03. (Connor Night)
2.I have a daughter, born 9/18/05. (Keira Bryce)
3.I married the best man in the world on 7/1/00. (Josh)
4.We got married less than 5 months after meeting.
5.I used to be a school teacher.
6.I am used to be a dental assistant 4 days a week.
7.I am a waitress 2 7 days a week.
8..I absolutely LOVE HATE my ex-boss (Dentist).
9.I have a 2 dogs.
10.I have two cats.
11.I was an exchange student in Australia for 1 year when I was in high school.
12.I've been back twice.
13.I've been to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and India-all on missions trips when I was in school.
14.I haven't been on an airplane since my "honeymoon" in October 2000.
15. I am an ex-Christian, by choice, not because I'm lazy or anything.
16. But I am lazy.
17. I love to play poker online.
18. I have a lomography camera.
19. I don't have any friends in the state I live in, which is currently Tennessee.
20. I've lived in Arizona, Texas (I think, but I was too little to remember), Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, and now back in Tennessee.
21.For the first time ever, I kind of feel like staying put for awhile (unless I was offered a permanent stay in Australia).
22.I love like Rachael Ray.
23.I love to read.
24.I keep a book in my purse at all times-you never know when you'll get a couple of minutes of downtime.
25.I love to watch movies, but I don't get to do it very often.
26.My husband (and I, but mostly him) owns more DVDs than I can even guestimate a number. Maybe 1000?
27.He is a stay-at-home-father-soon-to-be-director.
28.He tells me I couldn't be a stay-at-home-mother. I think he is right.
29.My husband tells me he loves me at least five times a day.
30.I love to watch 24.
31.I love to watch Charmed.
32.I love to watch Big Love.
33.and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
34.and X-Files
35.and CSI.
36.I usually watch them on DVD rather than on tv.
37.I would like to be a scrapbooker.
38.My son makes me laugh everyday. and my daughter does too!
39.He makes me yell everyday too. and my daughter does too!
40.My daughter makes me smile everyday, soon she'll probably make me laugh everyday too.
41.I'm cheap thrifty.
42.I am not really very opinionated.
43.When in Australia, I was given the nickname "?" (with a nametag) because I blend into the crowd so much.
44.I'm very easygoing.
45.I don't get mad very easily, but I do get frustrated and irritable.
46.I take zoloft.
47.I am a very happy person, though.
48.If I could, I would travel ALL the time.
49.We haven't left the state since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. We went to Texas!
50.We've barely left the Nashville area.
51.I love ice cream.
52.I need to lose weight.
53.I've lost 5lbs recently.
54.I don't want my children to grow up to be fat.
55.We try to go for walks every day.
56.Josh was my only "real" boyfriend.
57.I would be lost without him.
58.I am the youngest of 5 kids, well 7, but I've never met 2 of my half-brothers.
59.I hardly ever see any of my family.
60.Josh is an only child.
61.His parents come down to see us about once a month.
62.We are a one-car family. Update: we now have an Xterra along with jeep!!
63.We moved into a house in February (rental).
64.It is the first house we have lived in together.
65.We live in Franklin, Tennessee, which is very close to Nashville.
66.I love the Dixie Chicks.
67.I don't have a radio in my jeep.
68.My husband and I send text messages to each other all day.
69.I would like to do pilates, but I don't have take the time.
70.I hate sweeping. I don't do it. Josh sweeps almost everyday (refer to #s 9 and 10).
71.I don't like chocolate flavored things.
72.I do like chocolate, though.
73.I hate making small talk. I'm no good at it. (refer to #19)
74.I wish I did have some friends here (other than my husband).
75.I like to play The Sims, although I haven't for awhile.
76.I like to play Nintendo games with Mario as the character. Josh is always Mario. I am usually Toad, or Toadette, or Yoshi. The princess annoys me. I LOVE MY NEW WII!
77.I own one dress. I haven't worn it since I bought it 2 16? months ago. Nope-still haven't worn it!
78.I don't wear makeup very often.
79.I sometimes get in a "girly" mood, though.
80.I dye my hair red.
81.I have a few gray hairs, despite what my husband tells me.
82.My mom has had a full head of gray hair since I was born. She was 32.
83.I don't mind having gray hairs, but I don't want to have brown hair, so I have to dye it.
84.I blog while I'm at work. I can't blog while waiting tables at work!!
85.I feel kind of guilty when I blog at home.
86.I have a daisy chain tatoo on my toe. It looks like a toering.
87.I love daisies, but I don't get them very often.
88.I had a daisy bouquet at my wedding that my mom got for me.
89.Our SIMPLE wedding was planned by Josh's parents. We just showed up for it.
90.I am now embarrassed that I went to Christian high school and college.
91.I feel like I missed out a lot on life.
92.I'm two and a half years older than my husband.
93.I'm almost 30 31. He turns 27 tomorrow 28 soon.
94.I never used to swear-until about a year ago. Now I do sometimes, especially during MarioKart.
95.I'm very competitive-as long as it is something I'm good at.
96.I am addicted to caffeine.
97.I've been skydiving-twice.
98.I am NOT a night person, although I wish I were.
99.I love GREASE.
100.I love The Gilmore Girls.
101.I change into my pajamas almost as soon as I get home.
102.I wear scrubs to work, so I am basically in pajamas anyway, but I still change.
103.I iron my scrubs every morning. I'm SUPPOSED to iron my polo shirts, but I don't.
104.I used to be a wide-load sign driver.

It's Mario Party 8 Day!!

This was my greeting this morning! Night was pretty excited. Mario Party 8 for the Wii just came out today-we had it on reserve, and I picked it up from the mall this afternoon after work. It is amazing-fun! I'd tell you more about it, but I have to go play it now!!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Just Wondering

If you are trying to watch what you eat, and your 19 month old daughter shoves some kind of sugary cereal into your mouth while you are trying to sleep, do the calories count?

Saturday, May 26, 2007


One of the Spanish speaking workers at my restaurant wanted me to order an omelet for her. Since my Spanish kinda sucks and her English kinda sucks, she wrote it out for me to decipher. The omelet that she wanted had mushrooms in it, but she didn't want the mushrooms; instead she wanted chicken. She wrote, "No hongos, sub pollo." I understood everything but "hongos."

Thinking she would be able to help me with her English, she said that she didn't want fungus. Instead, she wanted chicken. Apparently hongo means both mushrooms and fungus, so when I was picturing mold or foot fungus, she was picturing mushrooms! Don't worry, we'll hold the fungus this time.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

From the Wii

I'm currently blogging from my wii-tv internet connection. How cool is that?!

Actually, it is kind of annoying because I don't have a keyboard. I'm using thre remote (wiimote) to aim at the keyboard on the screen. Maybe this will help develop my skillz!

The other problem is the slow internet connection. I don't know if I should blame the wii or comcast. I can forgive the wii because it is neat-o, but if comcast loses my connection before I post this... well I wouldn't surprised!

Exuse me, I've gotta go get knocked out in boxing. My 4 year old is scary-good!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mine is Up

Raise your hand if Lost made you cry... and left you even more confused than before!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Nintendo Wii

For Mother's Day, we got the Nintendo Wii. Yes, it was a gift for me, not just for the boys. The Wiis are very difficult to find, so we ended up getting one from someone off of Craig's List. He knows one of the stockers at Walmart, so he got one that way. He earned himself an extra $45 for his contact, but it was worth it! He gave us a receipt, so we are covered if there are any problems.

Oh my god, this game system is so fun!!
First of all, we had to make our little mii. It is kind of like the Sims, where you get to make the individual hair color, facial features, even height. We made one for each of the family members-too bad they don't have mii-pets, though. My little mii has freckles. She is adorable. Having your mii allows you to save all of your game progress individually, so if I am at a different stage of a game than Josh is, I can go straight to my section. Very cool.

We have "Wii Sports" and play boxing, tennis (my current favorite), bowling, golf, and baseball. It turns out I am good at sports! I knocked out Josh in the first round of boxing!! Of course, Night knocked us both out too...

We have "Wi Play" which has table tennis and some crazy games that I can't even describe.

Josh has a game to0, but I don't remember what it is called. It has shooting, clawing, and stabbing!

Our newest game is "WarioWare" and it has lots of crazy mini-games that you play-they are all really stupid but they are really addictive and fun!

I think the best part of the wii is how physical it is-boxing wears me out! I love the exercise, though, and I love that the whole family can get into it.

I just really enjoy my new wii (that sounds dirty!) and think everyone should get one too!! (no, I wasn't paid to say this-I just really like it. I know my review sounds cheesy, but I don't care. Well, I care a little bit... Just get the wii!!)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The One in which I Respond

Kat recently wrote a post about waitresses, and I've been meaning to respond to A. Wilson (read the comments under the post.) I just don't quite know how to put all my thoughts into words, but here goes...

Wtf? You were saying that the mere fact that I am a server shows you that I haven't chosen the right path and I have let opportunities pass me by? You were inferring that my being a server somehow makes me less educated than yourself, and that if you were given my opportunities, you would have a better life? Well, if I were saying that someone wasn't as smart as me, I would certainly make sure I had my grammar correct; yours was atrocious!

Even though I am just a server, I am in fact very well educated; I went to a reputable college and have tried out a few careers. The truth is, I enjoy being a server, and it is actually better for me and my family than being a teacher or dental assistant . It provides adequate income and incredible flexibility. One of the greatest things about being a server is that my occupation doesn't get in the way of my family (and I get to have a nose ring...).

More important than making money is being happy. Don't get me wrong-making lots of money helps in the happiness department, but so many other things influence happiness. The jobs that I work now make me happy, which proves that I have taken opportunities that fulfill me. How sad that people look down on careers that seem "lower-grade" to them because I am actually much happier in this career, perhaps happier than your "upper-grade" occupation makes you.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Lost in Translation?

Just in case you are ever babysitting for my kids, I want to make sure you know that when Keira says "MA-KNEE-MA-KNEE," she wants a banana. Normally, Night would be able to translate for you, but he would tell you that she wants a BYE-ANNA, so I guess that wouldn't be much help!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Potty Training Gone Wrong

So, I was at work (weekday restaurant) this afternoon cleaning up. The restaurant was still open, but I was finished with tables, so I was kind of incognito as I stuffed sugar into the little caddies on the table.

I see a little boy, maybe 3 years old, doing a little "potty dance," and then I hear the mother ask if he needs to go "potty." The boy says no. Then the mother says, (and I kid you not) "Do you need to go out in the grass?" He says yes and she swoops him up and out the front door. Surely I didn't hear her correctly. I look out the window, and sure enough, the little boy is peeing in our grassy area ON THE SIDEWALK IN FRONT OF OUR RESTAURANT! When he finished, she just brought him back in and went back to whatever she was doing.


I guess if that is the only way to keep your child from soiling himself, more power to you, but wouldn't it have been better to at least try to get out by the parking lot or something? Very strange.

By the way, the restaurant is in Brentwood, so you would think the patrons would be a little more classy...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Proof that I am OLD

The other day when I came home from work, Josh was sitting at his computer (where else?!), and Night was beside him. Josh had his hands over Night's eyes. He pulled me over to the computer and asked if I heard anything. I said, "No!" He asked Night, who in turn giggled and said, "Yes!" He then clicked the pause button and asked again. Amazingly, Night said, "No," even though his eyes were still covered. We did this for about 3 minutes with Night getting the answers correct every time.

I thought my son was some kind of super-human genius kid or something, until I read this! It is a ringtone that only young people can hear. You can download the ringtone here, but be careful if you have kids or animals around!!

Apparently, kids having been taking their cell phones to school and getting past the teachers with them! So weird and so cool! I just wish that I could hear it. I seriously would've thought it was all a hoax if I didn't have kids around to test it!

No, we didn't entertain ourselves by playing it and watching them run around with their hands over their ears. That would be cruel...

I'm an Adult

Look what we found on sale!! $300 bucks. Not bad at all. I even took a video of our first vacuuming. You have no idea how badly we needed this vacuum!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Isn't it Ironic?

Fed up with our Comcast internet connection (or lack thereof!), we decided to try Bellsouth's new promotion, which offers home phone service, high speed internet, and direct tv. I went on-line to order it, and the order didn't go through because my internet connection got lost. Coincidence or BIG BROTHER?

I'd call and get it set up, but our Cricket phones don't get reception at the house, thus the need for home phone service. What a conundrum...

Wonder if the internet will let me post this...