Monday, October 13, 2008

I Shouldn't have Bought the Purse

Yesterday was a very weird day. So many weird things added up to what happened that I couldn't help but think of the book A Series of Unfortunate Events. It started off normal. I got up and went to work at the restaurant. We ended up being fairly slow, and one of the servers asked if I wanted to go home early. Now, I hardly ever give up a Sunday shift because they are quite profitable, so here lies event number one. I said, "Sure!" How nice to spend a weekend day with my family!
So, I went to MICHAELS and bought some fun Halloweeny type crafts to decorate the house, and I went home. Night and I had gone to the pumpkin patch on Friday with his school, so we had two pumpkins that needed baths. We then took our Mr. Potato Head parts and decorated the pumpkins for Halloween. As we were decorating, Night suggested that we all go to the YMCA. What a fantastic idea! (bad idea, event #2) Josh and I have been slacking in the exercise department, and this would be a perfect day to go. Since the Y's daycare closed soon, we decided to go to the Y then come back home and finish decorating.
The kids ran in and got their juice boxes while Josh and I got dressed to work out. We got in Betty (Ugly Betty is our Xterra). Night realized he left his juice box in the house, so I ran in to get it. I then remembered that we were out of dog food, so we should stop at Kroger on the way back; I grabbed my purse.
We had a fabulous work out at the Y, at least that is what we kept telling ourselves in between sets. My arms are killing me today, so I guess that is a sign of a good workout! We picked up the kids, about 2 minutes before the daycare closed, and walked out to Betty. Some stupid jerk had broken Betty's window and snatched my purse! We were only in the Y about an hour! We were parked in front of the windows where the cardio machines look out.
We filed a police report, and they took fingerprints. The Y pulled the video tapes; it seems the machines have been broken since Friday (did I mention a series of unfortunate events?). I am upset because my cash from the weekend was in the purse, but luckily I had taken all but our spending money out; I am annoyed because my cell phone (which I usually forget at home) was in my purse, but it was an old phone anyway; I am furious because two of my precious lomography cameras were in my purse and the photos from the pumpkin patch were on them. The bastard who stole my purse won't even know what to do with them! My phone wasn't worth much, so he (or she) is walking away with about $100, but it will cost us over $500 to recover. $500 is a lot of money right now!
We came home and finished decorating the house (after calling insurance etc). Josh is going to get me a phone today (btw, I don't have anyone's phone number, so if you have to call me so I'll have your number!), and they are coming to fix the window tomorrow. I guess everything will go back to normal then, but I can't help but wonder if I'd never bought the purse (Friday on clearance at Target for $11-it was big and green, so the thief probably saw it easier than my other purse)... or if I would have stayed at work... or if we would've gone for a walk instead of the Y... or if Night wouldn't have forgotten his juice... or if I would've gotten the dog food on the way home from work... or...

At least they didn't take this camera!