Friday, October 08, 2010

Why Do I Suck at Sleeping In?

Last night at dinner:
Me: (to Josh) Do you want to take the kids to school in the morning?
Josh: Why?
Me: So I can sleep in.
Josh: But you suck at sleeping in.
Me: I don't. I can sleep in until 9:30 or so.
Josh: That isn't really sleeping in.
Me: Just because you go to bed at 4:00 in the morning and are able to sleep until 2:00 in the afternoon, 9:30 is still considered to be a sleep in.


This morning:
JOSH's alarm went off at 7:00. Whoo hoo. I had forgotten!! I'm sleeping in!!
Keira: The alarm went off in my bedroom and woke me up!! Will you help me brush my teeth?

Wouldn't you know that I haven't been back to sleep since?

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Walk to School Day

Today was Walk to School Day. We walk to school everyday. It takes about 8 minutes, give or take FIVE minutes depending on Keira's mood. For this special occasion, the students were meeting at a nearby church, along with teachers and parents, in order to walk to school as a group.

We live about half way between the school and the church, a little bit closer to the school. The meeting time was 7:50, and we usually leave our house around then, so I knew that school would actually be starting a little late. Around 7:30, I called the school to find out if they'd be walking on our street or the street beside us. Of course, it was not OUR street.

I gave the kids the choice as to leaving a little early and walking to the church then to the school or just leaving at the normal time and going straight to the school. Wouldn't you know that Keira wanted to walk with everyone else, and Night wanted to leave at the normal time. Since we were ready early, I contemplated driving Keira to the church then coming home and taking Night the normal route. Then, I thought about the reasons for Walk to School Day (I'm not sure what they are, but probably to be healthy and green, right?), and driving to the church didn't really fit. So, I popped Keira on my back, complete with hoodies and a backpack and ran walked/jogged to the church, dropped her off, and ran sped walked back to the house to pick up Night. I was able to walk fast enough to pick up Night and cross over to the next street before the whole group passed by. So, we joined them and finished walking to school.

I was home and drinking my coffee by 8:30am. Not a bad start to the morning!