Thursday, August 31, 2006

Work is Fun

Okay, I am a new registered dental assistant. I've been working in the operatory with my oral surgeon for about 3 months, so new procedures are exciting to me. Although I am sure the patient wasn't excited about it, I was...
We did a sequestrectomy. A sequestrectomy is the surgical removal of sequestrum. Basically, the patient had a dead piece of bone stuck under the skin of his mouth. It was infected and very sore. The doctor had to use a bone file towards the end of the procedure, which is used just like a nail file. Very cool. I'm weird, I know, but I am just happy that I am at a job that I enjoy!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday

I'm so excited that I get to post something for Works for Me Wednesday that I'm posting it on Tuesday!

I used to wait around for Fridays so I could register for freebees from The Mother Load. The Walmart site has freebees EVERYDAY! Free samples are located on the right hand side at the top. The site is updated often, so there are a lot different freebees out there for the taking. A friend told me that if you receive a sample in the mail and the product is still advertised that day, you can sign up to get another one!
My friend also downloaded RoboForm to help fill out all those questionares. I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds like it'll work for me! It's free-so of course it'll work for me!

Go over to Rocks in My Dryer for more helpful hints!


Night ran out of juice tonight. This is a horrifying experience, I am sure you can imagine; however, I solved the problem. A few weeks ago, I bought a container of Tang because I read (somewhere?) that it is helpful in cleaning toilets-it worked okay. Anyway, I remembered the Tang and decided to introduce it to my son in order to avoid a tantrum. As an added bonus, it is a mix, so I could water it down...
Anyway, as I'm mixing it, he asks me what it is called. I say, "It is called Tang." Then we talk a while, and I say something else about Tang. He then says, "Oh, I thought it was cocaine."

The Surreal Life says that surreal means: Having an oddly dreamlike quality.

That's been my work life lately.
Saturday, when I was working at the restaurant, a man at one of my tables had a stroke! It was an older man with his wife and adult daughter. He seemed fine, then the daughter came and got me and said that they were going to take her father home because he wasn't feeling well. I told her I would check to see how far along her food was... I boxed it up, came to the table with it, and saw the wife calling the doctor. Then the manager called 911. It was towards the end of the day, and the restaurant wasn't too full. They left the food, so we had a good dinner. Was that wrong? The manager called the hospital, and they were doing okay, but he was still in critical condition.

About 15 minutes after the ambulance left, a man (or woman?) dressed in a black panther suit (like a mascot or something) ran into our restaurant's entrance with a camera man (camcorder, not professional) behind him. The cat did a little dance and left, only to return about 10 minutes later wearing a red jersey (like a practice jersey in gym class) with a different camera man following him. This time, they ran all around the dining room then INTO THE KITCHEN! I asked the manager, who was standing calmly beside me, if he knew who it was. "Who?" I told him I didn't have a clue, but that I hoped the cooks in the back weren't being held up or anything. We just let anyone run into the back of the kitchen? Weird.

Then, today, at the Dentists' office, an older woman was about to have two teeth pulled. She has major heart problems, so she was concerned about bleeding (she had to take some shots to help her blood clot). As I was helping her into her seat, she proceded to tell me about how difficult her past year has been because of different surgeries. Then, before I knew it, she jumped out of the chair, closed the door, and pulled down her pants!! I am not making this up! She had a blood clot in her...area and had to have surgery there too. She showed me where they took a skin graft from the outer part of her leg and put it on the inner (and I mean INNER) thigh... It was a very heartbreaking story because the ER doctor did not treat her well. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to brush-off this woman's pain, and I'm not making fun of her. I was completely interested in what she was saying. It was just a...surreal experience.

Lessons In Politeness

This morning Night says to me, "You can tell me you're sorry."
Me: "That's Okay, honey. Why are you sorry?"
N: "No. YOU can tell ME you're sorry."
Me: "Oh. Why am I sorry?"
N: "You put away my Thomas (train set) and I want it out still."
Me: "I'm sorry, buddy. You can put it out now if you want."

He had his train ALL over the Den floor. It looked very nice, with bridges and curves, but the Den is the only room with carpet and I had to do Pilates there. I explained this to him earlier when he had asked what happened to his train, but silly me-I just thought he would be grateful that he didn't have to put it away himself!

Monday, August 28, 2006

It this REALLY the way it is?

So, I was telling Josh today that I think I have something wrong with me. Physically wrong. I am SOOOO tired. Two weeks ago, I was tired, but I thought I knew the reason. Then last week, I was really excited because I wasn't too tired at all. I thought that the drugs had gotten back into my system and I was no longer having withdrawl symptoms. I stayed up late (happily) more than one night last week.
Yesterday after work, I was ready for bed (which was oh, around 3:30 in the afternoon). I managed to stay up until 9:30 ish, but I was pretty groggy up until then. This morning, I was set to get up early to do my pilates, take Scully (dog) for a walk, have some time alone without squealling children climbing on me (I do enjoy the climbing, it is just nice to have peace too). Anyway, I COULD NOT GET OUT OF BED! I slept until 7:00, took my shower, and then contemplated taking a nap on the couch, even though I barely had time to iron my clothes and walk the dog as it was.
Josh informed me that he feels that tired as well and goes through phases just like I do. His theory is that we just don't get enough QUALITY sleep. (I don't know how he could say that-isn't a 3 year old boy in your face at 3am quality??) So, after 5 more years or so, we will get quality sleep. Until then, we aren't sick. Just tired.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Being a Girl Won't Get in the Way

Keira was having trouble crawling the other day because she was wearing a dress and her knees kept getting caught on the fabric. Rather than whine about it, she just started walking; well, kind of walking: Her legs are straight like she is walking, but she just isn't coordinated enough to balance the top of her body, so the bottom half is walking and the top half is crawling.
She has been pulling herself up and "cruising" for a few weeks now, so maybe it won't be too long until she figures out how to put the two together. Until then, she sure is goofy looking...

Friday, August 25, 2006

In The News

I learn so much at work...
We have been really slow today, so I've been reading The Tennessean, our local newspaper. There is an article about inmates who are suing the government because they won't pay for them to have a sex change. I can't find the article on-line, otherwise I would put a link to it. I'm not trying to spark a debate about whether or not someone should have a sex-change. To each his own; however, I do not think that someone in jail should have the government (read: tax payers) should have to pay for the sex change. When you go to jail, do you keep your own health insurance (assuming that you had health insurance)? If so, then I think it would be fine to have your own insurance pay for the sex change. Since I doubt you pay to keep your health insurance when you go into jail, I really don't think that this should be an issue. It is not okay to kill someone just so you can be incarcerated just so you can get a sex change. Who knows-that could be a motive for some...Of course, it is costing the government a lot of money for lawyer fees etc to pay for these prisoners who are suing, so maybe it would be better to just pay for it...

In other news, I also learned that Luke Benward, who is the star of the new worms movie, is from lil ol Franklin, Tennessee. He is having a meet and greet tonight at one of the movie theaters. Quite a few famous people live here in Franklin, but I can't think of anyone. I will tell you one thing, though. It is a good thing they aren't in the nearby town of Spring Hill. They don't take too well to outsiders...

Its 5:00 Somewhere...

Well, Jimmy Buffet, unfortunately, it is 5:00 AM and
margaritas are not on the agenda-bottles, juice cups,
and cartoons are the cocktail tonight, er this

Around 4:30ish, I hear Night crying. Josh is still
awake at this point (or if he is sleeping, it is on
the couch in the Den), so I continue on in dreamland.
Around 5:00ish, I hear Keira crying. Thinking Josh is
sleeping on the couch at this point, I go into the
kids' bedroom. KB decideds to wake up
completely-she's doing her 'stand' rather than her
'tummy flop' so I knew it was time to get up.

I scoop up the beautiful baby (yes-even at 5 in the
morning) and carry her out to the Den, where I find
the two boys lying, awake, on the couch. Josh hasn't
been in bed yet, both kids are raring to go, and I
have to get ready for work in an hour and a half.

I sent Josh off to bed (is it better to get 1 1/2
hours of sleep or no sleep?) with hopes of getting the
kids to sleep by the time my alarm would've gone off,
which is oh, about now, so I could do my pilates
before work. Somehow I don't think that's going to
happen, but maybe.

Night just said, "Oh! It's getting light out! Target
is opening!"

Good Morning, Everyone!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

It Is About Time!

warning: I will be talking about poop. i'm a mom who has been trying to potty train her son. it is gross, but that is my topic...

Yay! Night finally pooped in the toilet! It has only been f o r e v e r since we started this potty training thing, and he just kept avoiding pooping. He's been peeing exclusively in the toilet (standing up so as not to fall into the abyss) for almost a week now, but we just couldn't get over the poop hurdle until today, and he made it worth it!
We had told him that he could have a green Bionicle if/when (it HAD to happen sometime, right?) he pooped in the toilet. Then today, he was asking me for a Superman computer that he saw at Target (his FAVORITE place in the world). I told him that it was too expensive to buy right now. He whined, and I did what I always do when he wants something over my $10 budget. I told him to ask Grandma for it. He cried even more (Grandma just visited, so he knew it'd be awhile!). I said, "Okay, I'll make a deal. You poop in the toilet and we'll get it." At this point, I was thinking it was $20.
So, he pooped. Off we went to Target to get the Bionicle and computer. It turns out the computer is $50. Why do they make toys marketed towards 3 year olds SO EXPENSIVE? Think of what $50 can buy. Why would a 3 year old need to spend that much money?! So, he said we could wait a little while to get the computer, but we did get the Bionicle.
Poor guy wanted to go home right away to play with it, but we did other errands first. Then, we played with the Bioncle. It is pretty cool actually...
He has pooped 2 times since then. His first poop was about 7 hours ago... He'd been holding it in for about 4 days now, so I guess the $50 is a better pay off than the hospital visit we were going to have to have...

See, I Told You I'm Not Stupid!

I am so excited that I've moved over to Blogger from Eponym. It seems so much more user friendly. Even though I took a little html in college, I couldn't figure out eponym. Granted, college WAS seven years ago, so a lot has changed, but still... As you will see in one of my first posts, I was feeling very dumb, but I am doing better now. I've gotten myself a book, and all of the updates you see before you have been done by Yours Truly (except the rss feed-Josh did that before I jumped on the "I can do it myself" bandwagon). Stay tuned for more excitement in the next few weeks!!

That Place is Scary!

Last night we went to the mall. Josh met with some people for his movie and the kids and I went to the play area. Let me tell you, as an adult, that place is scary! They have these big play things that the kids run and jump on. One of them is a walled in area with a slide on in. If the kids are inside the walled in area, you can't see them at all unless you are standing directly over them. What horrible planning. Night was running around climbing and whatnot while Keira was doing her best to get run over by the kids who were about 2 feet too tall to be in the play area. Who monitors these things? I wanted to get a whistle and start kicking kids out. There are rules posted that these kids are too big, yet there they were-running around with the little toddlers who can barely stand up on their own, let alone stand up to the force of a 10 year old falling on them. I was very worn out after chasing her around and trying to make sure my son didn't fall into the walled in area and get knocked unconscious. I wouldn't know-I couldn't see him.
So, I distracted him and took him over to Chick-fil-A, where the non-makeup-wearing clown was making animals and things out of balloons. Away from the scary ten year olds-we're safe. Now I just have to make sure neither one of them swallows a piece of popped balloon...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I'm feeling a bit stretched out, I think. There are so many things that I want to do that I don't do anything. When I'm at work or in bed falling asleep, I come up with so many plans, yet I don't feel like implementing them when I have a chance. Either that, or I don't ever get the chance.
I want to spend more time with everyone-Josh, Keira, Night, even the dog. I want it to be meaningful time, not just one of us sitting at the computer, one at the couch, two screaming wildly and running all over... I want to help Night make a thank you card for his great grandma (she sent him stickers). I want to cuddle with Josh. I want to read to the kids. I want to work on different projects. I want a clean house. (notice I didn't say I wanted to clean it! I do want everything where I want it, though, so I guess I'll have to do it!)
Instead of seize every opportunity I have, I just sit and don't make my wants into reality. Why? I feel tired and worn. I shouldn't though.
Fine. That's it-I'll start seizing!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I've Chosen!

Ok! Here I am. I chose blogger-simply because everyone else has it, so it must be easy. I haven't taken the time to do to it what I want, so this is just the beginning. We'll see!