Friday, September 15, 2006

Don't Eat the Spinach

Normally, when there are big scares all over the country about E. Coli, germs etc, it doesn't phase me, but this latest spinach recall was a little too close. I guess it really isn't a recall since they aren't asking for it back, but anyway... We eat a lot of spinach at our house. I put it in EVERYTHING. We try to be healthy, and what does it get us?!
Guess we'll be heading to McDonalds tonight. We just won't let Night eat any fries! But then again, it might make us rich...


Anna said...

What happened to the Spinach?

I put it in everything too - don't tell me it's something else I shouldn't eat.

Mari said...

Don't worry-YOU can eat it. There was an E.Coli outbreak here in the USA and all of the spinach in grocery stores have been taken off the shelves, and restaurants won't sell it as the government hasn't worked out exactly where the E.Coli came from. It has effected people from many different states, and at least one person has died. So, you are safe!

Anna said...


Let me list the things I shouldn't have eaten according to the UK in the time I've been here

Beef (mad cows - I'm a mad cow anyway, so oh well)
Chicken (Bird flu)
Pork (Some obscure pig disease - don't eat it anyway)
Eggs (Salmonella)
Tuna/Salmon (heavy metals)
"Perfect looking" fruit & veggies (Genetic Modification)
Cod (Overfarming)
Coffee (Exploitation)

I can't keep up!