Friday, September 29, 2006

Is it the Law?

Is it a law that you need to wear shoes while driving? If it is a law, which I've heard rumor that it is, then it is a stupid law. I wore boots with heals today, and it made driving very difficult. It would have been much safer if I didn't have those clunky things on while driving. Maybe I haven't noticed how cumbersome they are before since we had a manual transmission, but trying to manuver the clutch in those things was next to impossible. I even moved the seat back to make room. So, if it is a law, it is a dumb one.
I guess it isn't as dumb as the Connecticut law which prohibits walking backwards after sunset.
Here are some more dumb laws.

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Anna said...

I've wondered about this myself in the past, given my penchant for not wearing shoes (although having a borderline fetish for shoes - but that's another story) Whenever I get in the car, I want to take my shoes off.

I asked Father Bear about the law in Oz, he said "it is illegal to drive without proper control of your car" Therefore if driving with your heeled boots means you do not have reasonable control, and being barefoot does, barefoot is not illegal.

Does that make sense?

Mari said...

So, we can rest assured that we can drive barefoot in Australia. Of course, neither of us are in Australia, so we may or may not be breaking the law when we take off our shoes!!