Friday, September 08, 2006

It's the Little Things....

My dog Scully and one of my cats Orson (also called Boo and Cosmo...) go to bed with me every night. Usually, I am working the next day, so I go to bed before Night and Josh. My boys tuck me in and my animals plop on the bed. This week, I've noticed that when it gets to be when I would normally go to bed, Scully and Orson congregate around me. They sleep near my feet and head while I sit on the couch. I thought it was just a coincidence when it happened once, but since they have done it pretty much every night that I have stayed up past my "bedtime," I think it has to do with ME, not my bed like I had thought. That was just one little thing that made me feel loved. I know-dumb, but oh well!

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