Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Mole

Did anyone watch SMITH on Tuesday night? I love Ray Liotta (Identity rocks) and Amy Smart.
I also love me a good action show. It was a really enjoyable movie. Ray Liotta is a big time thief, but his family (wife and two kids) know nothing about it, which I think is a shame. If Josh wanted to be a big time thief, I wouldn't try to stop him-I would just enjoy the rewards...

SMITH didn't have any real commercials, just clips from the movie The Departed. Wow. That looks good! From what I could tell, it is Mafia/cop movie, and it looks like there is a mole on each side. Intriguing.

I think I would be a good mole. Nobody would expect me because I am sweet and quiet (usually), but I really think I could pull it off. It'd be fun. Didn't there used to be a reality show about that? I could do it. Of course, now that I've told ya'll this, I couldn't...Or could I??

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