Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I just have to tell everyone that my ass is shrinking! Slowly but surely, it'll get smaller. You know that I had a week of vacation, so I didn't wear my scrubs. I didn't wear my new pink scrubs the week before that either because they were just a little too small.
Here's the story on that: Dr. gave me a gift certificate to get some new scrubs, so I went to the store to get some. The ones I had been wearing were generic ones from school-large: the size I wore right after Keira was born. They were big, but they had drawstrings, and they are scrubs, so they aren't supposed to be fitted, right? Well, when it came time to get some more, I picked out a cute pair of pink ones with a black stripe down the side of the pants. I picked a medium, figuring I could easily fit into a size smaller than my old ones. Well, the cute pink ones are cut very differently and ended up being a little tight, but there are no exchanges at the scrub store, so I just kept them. Now, to look at them, they don't look too tight, but the problem comes in when I sit down. They aren't self-rising when I stand up... (I'll let you think about that sentence for a minute)... When I stand up, I have to pull the back elastic up with me, otherwise, my ass hangs out.
Well, today I put my new pink scrubs on, hoping my healthy eating and sporadic pilates workouts have helped, and they have! I still have to worry a little about pulling them up, but not all the time. Pretty soon, these new scrubs will fit me just fine. It is a nice feeling: you know, having clothes that fit...

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