Tuesday, October 24, 2006

I Hate Small Talk

Tomorrow we are having an open house at the dentist's office. It is his seventh year in practice here. (about the 40th in practice, just 7th here) I am soooo not looking forward to it. All these people that I don't know-coming in just to chat. I don't mind doing all the planning and ordering food and whatnot, but I don't like having to make small talk.
I am the only assistant in this office. Chances are, if people from other offices come, they will be with their friends. They don't need me here to talk to them, and patients? Why would you go to an open house at your dentist's office anyway?
I just feel really uncomfortable when I'm expected to lead small talk. I can't do it and I don't like it. I'm dreading it, and the dentist is getting all worked up over little details that he previously acted like were not a big deal. It just annoys me.
Don't come to our open house. I don't know how to talk to you in that setting...

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