Monday, December 18, 2006

Am I Wrong?

Straight from my employee manual:
Time off:
New Years , Labor Day
MLK, Thanksgiving
Memorial, Christmas
July 4th

If the holiday falls on a non-work day, the employee will receive the holiday pay according to the following:
Employees must work their regular work day before the holiday and their first work day after the holiday to receive the paid holiday benefit. Holiday pay will be the employee's regular day pay amount. When a holiday falls within an employee's vacation week, the holiday benefits are voided.

Thursdays we are always closed. The office has never been open on Thursdays.

I worked Wednesday and Friday. Should I have gotten paid on Thursday? That would have made my check bigger than normal, but it is a non-work day that is listed as a holiday.

Dr. says that I'm reading into it, and I am not supposed to get paid for it. Fine. You are the boss, but I really don't think I'm "reading into it." It says I should get paid, right?


Malia said...

I think that technically you're right as far as the manual is written. If he doesn't want to pay you because T-giving was (and always IS) on a Thursday - a non-paid, non work day, then the manual needs revising.

Mari said...

Thank you! He acted as if I was crazy.