Thursday, December 28, 2006

Being Productive

This is what being productive looks like at my house:

While I am holding the sculpting circle out in front of me and laying on my side, Keira crawls in and out of the hole of the circle. Then time for the bicycle-laying on my side stretching legs forward-she ducks every time my leg goes toward her and I just raise my leg a little higher (so much for isolating the leg in the hip socket...)-Josh likens it to a three stooges skit. Doing the pilates 100 involves lying on my back, stretching my arms out and waving them up and down. Orson (cat) uses this time to get in a few extra pats-he makes sure he is under my hand everytime it comes down. When doing the stomach series with my legs straight up, Scully (dog)decides it is a good time to lay down-under where my legs will be when they come down. As for Wanda(cat), she uses the roll up to jump on my tummy and go for a ride. Nothing like a 20 pound cat on your stomach when trying to sit up. Josh uses this time to ask questions about what he should wear. And Night was sleeping. Of course, when he is awake and I do pilates, he always wants it to be his turn to have the sculpting circle. Anyone wonder why I switched to biphasic sleeping? TO BE ALONE. Isn't pilates supposed to be a relaxing exercise?

I rinse some silverware, put it in the basket. I go to rinse one of the gross cereal bowls that has been sitting out for 3 days; I look down to see Keira has taken out all of the silverware I just loaded. I reload the silverware and distract her with a car. I return to the bowl and decide that we have electrasol. I don't need to scrub. I lean toward the dishwasher to find it closed, locked, and started. Well, it wasn't started. It was set up on the delay to start in an hour. Good thing too, because when I opened it up so more than just 3 pieces of silverware would be washed, I found Orson in the back underneath the bottom basket...

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