Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Birthday Pizza

Birthday Pizza
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Yesterday was the big 3-0. Since it was $5 pizza night (Dominoes), we had our usual-thin crust pineapple. Josh put the candle in the pizza-until it fell over and burnt the pizza. So, I held the candle while they all "sang" for me. It was a good birthday :)


Tessa said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Mari!

Mari said...


Poker MC said...

Happy Birthday Mari. Welcome to the world of OLD!
Lucky you, you didn't have to make your own birthday treat!

AJ and Milla said...

OOPS, my bad!
Poker MC is Sean's Blog, the message is from me - Del
I am sure Sean (and the kids too) would want to wish you a happy birthday and rub in the 'old club' factor too!

Mari said...

I tried to figure out who he was from his blog, but I couldn't. Thank you for the birthday wishes!