Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Dickens Christmas

This weekend, Franklin had a festival for Christmas. This festival was called A Dickens Christmas and had people dressed up like characters from the book. It was very fun-horse carriage rides (of which we did not partake), sugar plums (of which we DID partake), and characters walking around, interacting with the "townsfolk."
We also ate dinner there: some fish and chips, roasted sweet corn, and deep fried Oreos. I don't think the Oreos were authentic to the era, but oh my god they were delicious.
We missed the town sing, but I like it that way. Now I can continue to believe Franklin's town sing was like the Whoville town sing, and that is just awesome. I also feel like we live in Stars Hollow, which is just too amazing for words!

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shauna said...

I was going to comment that this all sounds very Star's Hollow, but you beat me to it.