Friday, December 15, 2006

Hair Cut

Josh just informed me that he is going to cut his hair. Or shave it with the pet clippers. Oh boy... He is scary when his hair is shaved. He has a big head. A handsome head, but it is big... Now I'm a bit more distracted by the prospect of all our Christmas photos with him and his bald head. Oh! Pocket Aces!!
Everyone folded even though all I did was double the blind. Doh.


Anna said...

What was the outcome? Do you have a bald santa this year? Of course I don't HAVE the choice with Fiance - it's shaved almost weekly, so if i were you I'd toss Josh some money and send him to the hairdresser so he'll keep some length.

Mari said...

Too late! It actually doesn't look too bad-it isn't bald, thank god!!

Malia said...

My husband shaved his head on 12/2 but only after we had our pictures taken! He said something about doing it that morning and I told him it was fine with me but he had to wait until our picture appointment was over!