Friday, December 29, 2006

He was Nice...Kind of...

After our little 'discussion' as to whether or not the patient was coming in, I didn't feel much like talking with the Dr. The patient DID come in, and I helped in the back, with minimal discussion, so that was okay. Then, right before 5:00, he came to the front and told me that Tuesday (January 2nd) was going to be a holiday - because of President Ford's funeral. He said that since we didn't have anyone scheduled and the banks would be closed, we should be too. YAY! 2 days off in a row. Like a normal human!

So, that was nice. But then I had to ask him for my check that pays for my family insurance (he pays me then I pay the insurance). He seemed put out, but I'm supposed to have it by the 1st of the month, which is Monday, and we aren't coming back until Wednesday. Also, last time he didn't pay me on time, he told me I should tell him.

He said that when we get back, we are going to have a meeting (again). I'm quite worried about the meeting. Should I have my letter ready? I feel I should be prepared with some rebuttals or something, but then again, what do I rebut? He doesn't make sense so much of the time!


When I left, I told him that I'd see him next week. "Yeah. Okay."

Sigh. (again.)

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