Friday, December 01, 2006

Is He Picking On Me?

Within the last week, Dr. has said the following to me.
"Don't say, 'I don't know.' It makes you sound like you don't care."
"You sound whiney when you answer me like that."
What? All I said was, "No." How can you sound whiney when you say no?? He asked me if there were any patients in the waiting area. What is there to whine about with that question??

Maybe we just need a break apart or something. Maybe he thinks we are closer than we are-how could either of those phrases not seem insulting? Am I being sensitive? Very strange.


Kathy T. said...

Good grief. No, you don't sound whiny. Did I?

Mari said...

I actually like your speaking voice. I was going to tell you so, but I couldn't really pin-point a reason!

Anna said...

Maybe it's just a tonal thing. Try saying "I'm not sure, but I can find out/look it up" so it's got a positive slant to it.

As for the No problem, goodness knows!