Sunday, December 17, 2006

Yellow Rose and Blue Lights

For my birthday, one of my friends that works at the restaurant with me left a yellow rose on the windshield of my car. It was so nice!
Yesterday, which was the first time that I saw her, she told me this story. (She is a drama queen-always has a story-you know the type. Very entertaining) She said that she wasn't positive it was our house. She's never actually been here, but she knew which street it was on and which side of the street, which narrows it down to about 8 houses. She said she THOUGHT it was our Xterra in the driveway, but she wasn't sure, so she peeked in windows trying to see something that made her know it was my house. It was 10:30ish at night, I know Josh was here and awake, and I'm surprised he didn't witness any of this:
A cop car happened to be driving by at the time and saw her car pulled over (not in front of our house). He saw that she was peeking in our windows and pulled over. She then ran out to tell him what she was doing and he laughed at her.
Laughed. Then he went on his way.
Good thing she wasn't a thief! So, if you are a thief, apparently, just tell the cops you are trying to leave a present but don't know if it is the right house. They will probably laugh at you, but that is better than jail!

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