Saturday, January 06, 2007

The Details

Ever since Josh read about the 365 project on Lifehacker, he has been after me to do it. He is all about my finding my niche and developing (and defining) myself outside work and motherhood, blah blah blah... So, I've finally decided to do it. I love taking pictures and looking at pictures, so this is the perfect project for me. I think it might be hard to take just one, actually. I have my lomography camera, which isn't digital, so if you don't see a photo everyday, it isn't necessarily because I didn't take one!
I'm going to make a blogroll. I know of quite a few local bloggers who are also doing a photo a day, so I will post them. Anyone else want to be listed? Just let me know!
I've joined two flicker groups: Fotojojo and Project 365. Some of the photos there are amazing, so check them out!


Kathy T. said...

Not only do I *not* object to your linking me, but I am quite tickled! :) Thanks, Mari!

Mari said...

Yay! Im excited to see all the photos!

chelle said...

What a fantastic project. I do not post a picture a day (but close). I started my blog almost two years ago with a Pic of the Day (almost always of my daughter) and it is amazing how many moments I have captured that I may not have if not for the blog.

I wish you much luck on the endeavor and look forward to seeing your photos!