Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gilmore Girls Is Back

Okay. Okay. I know that GG has sucked this season, so if you've given up on them, I can't say that I blame you; however, tonight's episode was excellent!

I'm not into recapping or anything like that, so if you didn't see it and wish you did (you should wish you did), this isn't the place to get caught up. There might be spoilers-I'm not sure yet!!

They had a little hiatus and revamped the show, closer to the way it used to be. And, they took away those stupid girls who talked after the show. That in itself deserves an award.

As far as this episode, here are my comments, which will probably only make sense if you saw it.
  • I would've reacted the same way that Suki did! Whoa. Another baby? More diapers? Just when they were on the verge of getting some rest!!
  • The letter from Loralie was so sweet! I liked how they had Christopher reading it at the same time. Until now, I hadn't really decided Christopher vs. Luke. Since they married, I just assumed they'd stay that way.
  • I'm glad Lucy forgave Rory.
Oh. I am so glad to see the improvements. Last week was pretty good, but not good enough for me to be too excited about tonight. This week, however, makes me ecstatic about next week because I feel my girls are back! I'm glad I stuck it out.


Linda Sheridan said...

Hi! I whole-heartedly concur about the girls chatting after the show-what a shameful product endorsement...I unfortunately had heard the spoiler of Suki's real-life pregancy, though I figured she'd find out next week, after coming back from their trip together...what a crazy way to find out you're pregnant! I guess I'm glad Lucy forgave Rory, but though she's a perpetual b**** on wheels, I loved how Paris went over to sing Rory's praises. The whole Chris thing seems so forced-and now the threat of Grandpa's health rings very familiar of one of my favorite episodes several years ago, when he (Gpa) was in a similar situation, and Luke came to the hospital to comfort Lorelai...If Gpa dies, I'll be miffed!

Mari said...

I absolutely LOVE Edward Herrmann. If he dies, I'll be more than miffed! I do remember when Gpa was sick a few years ago and Gma was convinced that Luke and Loralie were in love...

Carmen said...

ok, you'll need to give me a synopsis. I'm one of the folks that gave up. So will Luke end up with Lorelei? I'm rooting for him. Who's Lucy?

Melessa said...

I agree that last night was the first time it felt like a real GG episode in a long time. I noticed that Gina Fattore is writing for them now, and that can only help. I remember that long-ago episode with Grandpa, Lorelai, and Luke too. I'm very worried about Gpa's fate because this may be the show's last season and they may feel he's expendable. Lorelai has GOT to go in his room this time. Just in case...Either way, this episode was quite an improvement over anything I've seen since this season started.

Mari said...

Personally, I think that Luke will end up with Loralie, but she is currently married to Christopher. They got married after Loralie gave Luke an ultimatum (married asap or not at all), and Luke couldn't decide because his daughter's circumstances were so complicated.

Lucy is one of Rory's new friends at school. Lucy was dating Marty (the naked guy when she was a freshman), but Marty pretended (in front of Lucy) that he had never met Rory. When Lucy found out that they were putting on a charade (for a year), she became upset, obviously. It really upset Rory, but now Lucy has forgiven her!

Phew. I think that catches you up!