Monday, January 29, 2007

More Drama

Originally, I was going to post again about how weird it is to give someone two weeks notice that you are quitting, when the reason given in the letter of resignation is personality differences (meaning the boss is crazy). I was going to say that he was really mean right after I told him, then he was really nice last week. I was going to say that tomorrow is my last day so it looked like I was going to make it the full two weeks without any drama.


This morning, Dr. was okay; he even bought me a donut. He didn't seem to be in a bad mood, and we had NO patients, so I didn't really see very much of him. He was waiting for a fax, so he kept checking on that. No fax. At lunchtime, I did mention to Josh that Dr. kept listening in on all my phone calls today. It didn't bother me that he was listening because none of the calls were personal, or interesting for that matter. It was just weird because the phone showed that he picked up and I could hear him on the line, so it was...odd.

After lunch, I was sitting at my desk reading my book (what else to do when you've already quit and there are no patients, right?) and Dr. comes up to me.
"Mari, I want to ask you something." Uh oh.

He then tells me that the company he was supposed to receive a fax from had given him a confirmation number that it was sent: date, time, and the phone number it was sent to. The phone number he rattled off to me was our regular phone number, not the fax number. As I started to point this out, he rudely says, "Let me finish."

Me "Okay."

He then says that one of the patients complained about how I was with them; that people were calling for him and he wasn't getting messages; and that a patient told him that she paid and there is no record of it. (that's just a nice little summary for ya'll) He had been monitoring my calls to see how I was treating the patients.

As far as the complaint, I have no idea what he is talking about. I am actually too nice to people, but he didn't go into detail so I don't even know who he is talking about. As far as messages? He said that people he was contacting to work for him had been calling and I hadn't given him any messages. Someone called today, and I gave him the message (as he was yelling at me) that I had set on the "to give to Dr." pile. The other call was from someone following up on the ad we placed 3 months ago, they had originally called after Dr. decided not to hire an additional person until after the new year. As we weren't going to hire anytime soon I had pretty much disregarded the call, who is going to wait a couple months to be an assistant to and assistant? The patient paying? I don't know. He wouldn't give me any details or even the chance to look up their file, Dr. is not horribly proficient with the billing system and his not finding the correct file is not an uncommon occurrence.

I just looked at him dumb-founded. Where is this coming from, I wondered? Is he psycho or something? He just kept repeating, "Do you have a problem getting messages to me?"

I told him no and tried to understand what he was talking about. His response to my trying to figure out what he was accusing me of was even more confusing, "I had hoped that you wouldn't damage yourself, because you know you can't hurt me. You are only hurting yourself"

So, I asked him if he just wanted me to leave right then. As he is walking away, he says, "I don't care when you leave, Mari. Just leave the key on my desk." Okay. I begin gathering my belongings. He walks back and says, "In fact, I DO want you to leave now. Give me the key." Okay.

I had a hard time getting the key off the keyring; I was a little bit upset... I then said,"I guess I'll be in on Wednesday to get my check." His reply?
"If you have a check."

Me, moving past dumbfounded-ness into flabbergasted-land, "What do you mean by that?"

"Well, I have someone coming in to check on the computer to go over the records."

"What are you talking about? (this is when I realized that apparently his statement earlier regarding the patient who claimed they paid was really a backhanded way of accusing me of embezzlement -I'm quick) I didn't steal from you."

Then he said something about checking it out for himself. Okay. Check it out. I didn't take anything. I better get my check, though.

So, this guy has to be crazy. He was so nice when I first started-go look at my posts; I loved him, until about a month ago; then he just went crazy. I don't understand what happened. I honestly didn't do anything wrong, but it feels like this man hates me and thinks that I did horrible things. It is just so out of nowhere that I don't even know how to react.

I do, however, have an extra day off now. :) What to do; what to do?


Anna said...

He is definately wierd - It's good you are out of there.

Attila The Mom said...

Oh that's just awful. What a doof!

Mari said...

I'm glad I'm out of there too! He used to accuse the doctor that used to practice with him of stealing too. I just think he's paranoid or has a mental problem (seriously) or something because I would go out of my way to point out when there was something wrong with his accounts, not hide things from him. Weirdo!!

Malia said...

Wow. You handled that a lot better than I would have!