Monday, January 22, 2007

On Being Fired

Okay, I wasn't really fired, but I was on my way to being booted. I should let you read the letter...

Anyway, it is weird still working here even though I told him I was quitting. I told him I was quitting because we have personality conflicts. I told him I was quitting because I don't like him. It isn't like working for a large corporation then quitting. It is weird.

All last week, he barely spoke to me. I barely spoke to him. There was tension in the air. Today, he has been really nice to me. He bought me coffee and a donut, just like he used to do every day. (He didn't last week.) He is kind of talking to me like nothing is wrong. I swear he has PMS sometimes... He is even making small talk with me now. Maybe it has something to do with the pile of resumes on his desk. Not three weeks ago, we both agreed most of the applicants were crap. Now he has to come up with someone to not only replace me but to take over the position he was originally planning to lessen my load.

As for me, I still haven't heard about the school. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though. I have applied for some other positions-call centers mainly. I really WAS NOT looking forward to that kind of work, but then I thought about the fact that it is temporary-I will get a teaching job for next school year, so that makes it easier.

I just filed our tax return, so we are expecting $4,000 within the next month. This lessens my burden a bit as well. As long as I can stay here until Friday (I told him I'd stay until next Tuesday), our rent will be paid. If, for some unforeseen but not unlikely reason, I do leave before then, I still have work at the restaurant, so I'm not too worried about rent. All our other bills should be covered as well. So, we'll be okay.

It is just a weird situation. Have I mentioned that?


Kathy T. said...

I know a couple of principals pretty well. If you're interested in working in LaVergne or Smyrna, I can put in a good word.

Mari said...

Yes please! I have looked at Rutherford County schools, and it doesn't look like there are any openings, but that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't!
Thank you for your help!