Wednesday, January 10, 2007

State Your Name

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Sheryl from Paper Napkin has claimed this week as de-lurking week (she also made the cute button above). She is encouraging everyone to leave a comment on all the blogs you visit. It is easier said than done, I know! So, here's your chance-leave a comment then move on. How many blogs can you de-lurk yourself from? Introduce yourself to the person who has been providing you knowledge and entertainment. Let them know how you found them and what you think of their blog. We are promoting the blogosphere or some shit like that.


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I think you already know I read ya, but here's a comment just in case!

superrelish said...

still reading!
PS - it is really hard to comment on this blog. I can't do the word verification (ie no word to verify) unless I preview the post first. Is this a freaky bug of the new blogger, or just me?

Mari said...

I'll take off the verification for awhile and see if that helps. I thought all the bugs had been worked out!

sista smiff said...