Friday, January 12, 2007

They Even Stole the Son's Train Set!

Have you ever watched It Takes a Thief? It is addictive! Last week, we were watching one guy who had invested thousands and thousands of dollars to make his home safe from thieves. He called himself a guru and had video cameras set up all over the house. He wrote in to the show and challenged them to try to rob him (Can you believe that people make this challenge?!). They accepted the challenge, and they won. I felt so bad for that man. He had invested so much of his time and effort, only to be shown that he should've used a professional service.
How'd they do it, you ask? Well, they hired an actress to pretend she was a pregnant lady who was new to the neighborhood. Being nice people, they invited the lady in (even invited her over for dinner). They used her to figure out the inner workings of the house. Then, the thieves broke in and stole EVERYTHING, even a professional massage table! They literally backed up a moving truck to the door and cleaned them out.
He should have used a professional, such as Orlando Home Security System because their downfall ended up being the equipment. Even though it was set up with motion sensors, they didn't work properly. The thieves even ended up stealing the security equipment! He said he learned his lesson, though.
I don't think I would want to be a part of the show. The people got their stuff back, but then they had to help the people put everything back. Plus, they knew that someone was at their house, snooping around and getting into everything. They said it made them feel violated, especially because they went through the kids' room and stole stuff. The parents said they didn't know how to explain to the kids what happened without scaring them.
It makes you think about how safe your home is, doesn't it?

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