Wednesday, January 24, 2007


*Sorry if this takes a long time to load, I put in a lot more photos than I normally would in one post!!

Last night, I was working on a photo project for my photoblog and wanted to display the photos that I had taken during my "lesson." Since there were so many of them, I decided that it would be neat to make one of those flickr badges that so many people have in their sidebar. Since it was a project-specific collage, I wanted to put the badge in my post.

You can't put those flickr badges in your posts. Did you know that? I didn't! I spent a good 20 minutes making it perfect, just to get an error that said something about not supporting javascript or something like that. WHAT?! After doing a search on "help", I found out that indeed, there is no way to put it in the post itself; it has to be in the template.

Well, that didn't help me with my project! Since I had taken about 10 photos, I tried to figure out a way to display them without having to put each one in separately. Then I remembered photobucket.

I have used photobucket in the past-when my free flickr account was full or when I wanted to make videos for my blog. I don't know why-I just never really looked into it very closely.
Whoa! They have some of the coolest slideshows available! FOR FREE! It only took me about 3 minutes, and I had it all set up. This morning, before work, I put these samples together. It took me less than 5 minutes for all of it; I'm not even exaggerating!!

These photos are of Christmas at my in-law's hotel room (cat allergies-they can't come over to the house-ever!!). Take a look at the site for yourself. There are a lot of options that I didn't put in this post.

Does anyone else have any thoughts about photobucket vs. flickr? Experiences? I feel like I've found a new toy, even though I've had it all along. I still love flickr, but now I can use more options for photo sharing!

So, photobucket Works For Me! For more helpful hints, check out Shannon's blog!


Anna said...

How does Del get the badge things on hers?

Mari said...

I knew I'd seen it somewhere! I just couldn't remember where. How do you do it, Del? I kept getting errors.

Slackermommy said...

I love Photobucket but I had no idea about the slideshows. Very cool. Thanks!

Lisa said...

I use Photobucket for some things, especially if I want to place an animated gif file or somehting like that on my blog. I have a Word Press blog hosted on my own domain name, so until I do some further tweaking, the Photobucket slide shows won't play on my site. The are very cool though!

I am going to come back and look at your photos later (when I'm not supposed to be working! LOL)