Thursday, February 08, 2007

About My Paycheck

Daddy Forever also asked about my paycheck. There was some confusion (to say the least) as to whether or not I would get it. The story started here. The last update was here.

Well, I went to pick up my check on Friday, like he said. There were TWO girls in the front office TRYING to figure out how to run the front desk. I'm not saying they are dumb or anything. They had ABSOLUTELY NO TRAINING. Can you imagine trying to take over an office without having anyone there to show you where anything was?!

As I walk up to the front window, my eyes meet with the youngest of the two, just barely out of dental assisting school. I had met both girls during an interview about 2 months ago. Dr. had disapproved of both of them at that time, but I guess they would work now. Before I could even get the words to ask for my check out of my mouth, they were BEGGING me to help them. SIGH. Why do I have to be so nice? I don't work there anymore...

I spent about 10 minutes showing them some basics and correcting them-Dr. had told them a few things that were incorrect about the front office. He was never up there-he wouldn't know... I then look in the envelope with my name on it-NO PAYCHECK. Instead, it was a copy of some 401k information that I already had-no note, no explanation. Nothing.

I asked one of the girls to go back to the operatory where Dr was doing fillings and tell him I needed my paycheck. She hesitated, but I insisted. She returned to tell me that it was in the mail.

OH! THE SWEAR WORDS THAT WERE RUNNING THROUGH MY HEAD! I didn't take it out on the girls, but they did know that I wasn't happy with their new boss! I didn't bring it up, but when the older of the two asked me why I had quit, I told them that he had become very difficult to work with the past month or two.

When I got home, my paycheck was in the mailbox, meaning he had mailed it WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, right after I stood outside his locked door, telling him over the phone (IN THE FREEZING COLD) that he needed to give me the paycheck.

It was the exact paycheck that the delivery man had brought to him on Wednesday, meaning he was just being as asshole when he didn't give it to me. He was also being an asshole when he didn't call me and tell me that he was mailing it.

He owes me for one day, so maybe the drama is over, maybe it isn't. I'm just glad I'm not there anymore!!


Mert said...

What a butt. He'll get what he deserves one day, don't worry ;O)

Daddy Forever said...

He does sound like a real jerk. Funny he needs two people to replace you.

Tessa said...

Oh, he so totally has a personality disorder. I'm completely convinced now. And again I am very happy that you are out of there!

Melessa said...

I'm so glad you got your paycheck!