Friday, February 02, 2007

It Snowed!

Wednesday night, it was all over the news that it was supposed to snow overnight into yesterday. We got nuthin. I didn't even watch the news last night, but I woke up with Keira at 4:00 to the snow outside!

Its not much, but for here it is a big deal. I think all of the schools in Tennessee are closed, and it is only 4:45am. We get kind of scared of travelling in the snow around here. I'm sure my parents in Ohio would be amused.

Here are some shots. I took some with my lomography camera too, so I will post them when they get developed.

I don't really like snow, but I'm ready for Night to wake up because I know he'll be excited!


Mari said...

It is being labeled a "snowy blast" and "treacherous." My parents would definitely be amused. There is less than an inch.
I do think the roads will be treacherous, though since we aren't used to driving in it here. I'm more scared of the other drivers than the snow!!

And, there are 5 counties in Tennessee that do not have their schools closed.

Attila The Mom said...

Congrats on the snow!

We got 6-7 inches yesterday, and there wasn't even a snow delay. My kid was disgruntled, to say the least! ;-)