Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Wrap Up

Yes, I am writing this wrap up at 5:30pm. I guess that is enough-you don't even have to read the post, you get the message right there!!

Actually, my Valentine's Day has been quite nice. I have so been enjoying my time at home.

Josh did go to the store to get some sugar for me; meanwhile, I cleaned the kitchen. I mean CLEANED. It took all of his trip to the store and back, plus another hour or so to get the kitchen counter completely wiped down, and the floor swept and mopped. The cat was so amused at my mopping skills. I think he was confused because he's never seen me do it. I am so not kidding...

Then, Night and I set to baking our heart cookies for Valentine's Day. Josh had already left for school when I realized I didn't even own a heart shaped cookie-cutter. Oh well. We made circle ones, with red sprinkles. I know how to roll with the punches.

The cookies are delicious, and at 86 calories for each (and they aren't huge!), they really should be. I only had three cooked ones, and everyone knows that raw cookie dough is not only healthy for you but calorie free, so that half of the batter I ate while we waited for the cookies to bake doesn't even count. It should be just about settled now, so I guess it is time for more! (Yes, I saved some batter, doesn't everyone?)

Josh is at school. He has his first mid-term tonight. I'm so proud of him for going to school. He says he's one of the smart ones-the nerdy one that always answers all the questions. I must say I'm not surprised. He is very smart.

Um, Night just puked in the bathtub. Talk about a romantic Valentine's day! Gotta go. The fun never ends!

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