Saturday, March 31, 2007

Easter Hunt

Today, I took the day off work (a day off-what is that?!) and took the kids on an Easter Egg hunt here in our little Stars Hollow town of Franklin, TN.

It lasted all of 10 minutes, but we had a lot of fun! Josh had Keira at one end and I had Night at the other. Surprisingly (and very fitting), all of the eggs Night found had little toys in it and all the ones Keira found had candy! I guess they didn't distribute them very evenly, but both kids were happy with their finds.

Before and after the hunt, Josh and I indulged in our bargaining...indulgences. We went garage sale-ing. Since I always work on Friday and Saturday mornings, we never get to go, but we had a lot of fun. We found some playstation and gameboy games, a lantern for a movie prop for Josh, and the big find of the day was an old-school gameboy for Night. It had 13 games with it and a carrying case, marked $25, talked down to $15. I think I could've gotten her lower-she caved pretty easily...

Now maybe he'll leave my pink ds alone!!

Oh! and we got an electric wok for $4.

Good day!

Now I need to go watch THE SHIELD on DVD and prepare for the new season that starts Tuesday. I have 2 seasons to catch up on, so I've got a lot of watching to do.

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