Friday, May 04, 2007

Proof that I am OLD

The other day when I came home from work, Josh was sitting at his computer (where else?!), and Night was beside him. Josh had his hands over Night's eyes. He pulled me over to the computer and asked if I heard anything. I said, "No!" He asked Night, who in turn giggled and said, "Yes!" He then clicked the pause button and asked again. Amazingly, Night said, "No," even though his eyes were still covered. We did this for about 3 minutes with Night getting the answers correct every time.

I thought my son was some kind of super-human genius kid or something, until I read this! It is a ringtone that only young people can hear. You can download the ringtone here, but be careful if you have kids or animals around!!

Apparently, kids having been taking their cell phones to school and getting past the teachers with them! So weird and so cool! I just wish that I could hear it. I seriously would've thought it was all a hoax if I didn't have kids around to test it!

No, we didn't entertain ourselves by playing it and watching them run around with their hands over their ears. That would be cruel...

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