Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bed-Time Rituals

Kathy tagged me, so here goes:

6 weird things I do while getting ready for bed or while I'm sleeping-

1. When I'm tired-I sleep. No rituals or preparation. I sleep, and I get very grumpy if anyone tries to keep me awake.
2. I don't brush my teeth. Yes, I used to be a dental assistant, and yes, I know I should brush my teeth before bed, but I don't.
3. I don't wash my face either. I don't usually wear (much, if any) makeup and my face doesn't get too oily.
4. My son usually tucks me into bed at night. He sometimes tells me Thomas the Train stories that he makes up for me.
5. I like to have a glass of wine before bed. (or a beer or a cocktail that josh makes for me!)
6. I talk in my sleep. A lot of times when Josh comes to bed, he talks to me, and I talk back to him, but I don't know that the conversation happened.

I'm not very exciting, but oh well! I'm not technically tagging anyone, but I would really love for ya'll to write about it, so consider yourself tagged.


Kathy T. said...

Yay! I don't brush my teeth either. Well SOMETIMES I do, but not habitually. My bad.

Anna said...

Boy, and I felt guilty about not flossing regularly!?!