Sunday, June 24, 2007

Scrambled Eggs...

Last night, Josh and I were sitting in the living room, trying to divy up duties-Keira needed her diaper changed, and we wanted some scrambled egg whites with ham. I then said, "Hey, Night, I have an idea-your dad can change Keira's diaper and you can make the eggs. I'll just sit here and watch tv."
Nights says, "OK!!" and disappears into the kitchen.

He then comes out and says, "Is it okay if the eggs and ham are cold? I'm not allowed to use the stove."
Still thinking he'll never be able to get into the eggs, I said, "Sure. Cold eggs and ham will be fine."
He then comes out with an egg (broken, by the way) in his hand and says he can't reach the plates.

"I'll get the diaper!" I say, as Josh runs into the kitchen to help cook!

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Anna said...

I love Night!! He's so cute!