Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Last Straw

More about waitressing...

I absolutely HATE it when people ask me for a straw-when my hands are full of drinks. Be patient. This usually happens when I have a large party and I'm holding a tray with one hand and passing out drinks with the other.

You'll get your damn straw, and if by chance I happen to forget and I start to walk away, THEN it would be okay to ask for a straw. It is impossible to hand out straws when my hands are full.

I know that it is kind of rude, but my usual response is kind of snotty, "It is in my pocket." I just feel like people need to be TAUGHT that I can't put my hands in my pocket at the same time that I am setting drinks on the table. People also ask me for cream when I'm passing out coffee; I can forgive this one a little more since you can't actually see that I've put it in my pocket, but don't worry-it is there.

Even worse than asking me for a straw when my arms are blatantly full, people sometimes grab straws out of my pocket! Whoa. Besides the obvious fact that my pocket is right in front of my hoo-haw, my money is also in my pocket. Not only do I not want you stealing it, neither do I want it to fall out all over the table and floor.

Who would have guessed straws would cause such a hullabaloo in my daily life??

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