Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Locked Out!

This morning, Night woke up before my alarm went off (6am) and asked if he could watch tv. I told him that when my alarm went off, I would turn on the tv as long as he went back to bed until then.

He then took his pillow and stuffed animals and laid on the couch in the living room while I got ready.

I then said my good-byes and left out the back door through the den, locking the door behind me. Oops. My keys, which are usually in the side pocket of my purse, were actually hanging on the hook on the inside of the door in the den. NICE.

Luckily, Night was awake, so I just knocked softly, sending the dogs into a uproar and waited for Night to come...and waited....and waited. Finally, I ran to the front of the house, and peeked in the living room window and motioned for him to come unlock the den door.

When he unlocked it for me, I explained that I forgot my keys.

He laughed and said, "Ha! You can't drive without your keys! That'll be ten dollars."

"Whoa. Okay," I said with a smile and reached in my pocket for my pretend ten dollar bill.

"No. I need REAL dollars. You can pay me when you get home. I love you!"

Luckily, I've just convinced him that a REAL dime would be a much better payment than a REAL ten dollar bill since it is worth TEN pennies!

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superrelish said...

Night rocks! (As long as AJ and Milla don't catch on, I should be safe.)