Friday, August 31, 2007


Have ya'll seen the Sonic commercial about the new cranberry flavoring for drinks? Here, go watch it:

A few weeks ago after the kids had gone to bed, Josh was telling me about the commercial and how funny it was because he could totally see himself going on and on and on and on with the whole "cran" prefix thing.

A few days later, after I have completely forgotten about the conversation (I have a bad medium-term memory-I'm okay with short term and I think I'm pretty good with long-term, but that medium-term really throws me off), Night talks us into going to Sonic to get an "AFTER DARK SHAKE" because shakes are better at Sonic after dark (YES-my family watches way too much tv). When we are there, I notice that they have cranberry flavoring that they can add to any drink. Wow-what a concept. I decide to get some in my diet coke.

As we are pulling out of Sonic, Night tries desperately to get my attention. "WHAT?!" I finally yell. He says, "Do you know who else would like this?" Still not catching on, I say, "What are you talking about?" He laughs and says, "Your CRANmother!!!"

I looked over at Josh and I could see that he has suddenly become the proudest father in the whole entire world. Night was not around when we talked about the commercial a few nights before-he is just that much like his father.

The rest of the way home, Night proceeded to ask who would like it, followed by various forms of crans. Keira also joined in by saying, "THIS?" and waiting for a response, followed by, "Mudder!!"

It is now an on going joke to anyone who comes near my children!

Here they are in full force:

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