Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun with Mega Blocks

You have NO idea how proud I am of these two little toys! There are 275 pieces, all put together by yours truly! AND we didn't lose any of the pieces. Well, we lost Spiderman's arm, but that isn't technically part of the set. It was kind of close when I couldn't find the actual propellers, but that problem was solved with a quick look under the coffee table. Until I found them, I was willing to write them off as, "Maybe that is why it was on clearance..."

This little project only took two days. Okay-three days, but it isn't like we spent the whole time putting it together. I spent most of the time "taking a break" from it because it made me so frustrated!

I do have this to say about the whole experience-there is NO FUCKING way a 6 year old could do this by himself! The most frustrating part is when a piece from the middle falls off and you have to back-track to figure out where that one little piece belongs. Oh, and the other most frustrating part is knowing that all the little pieces will be broken off and lost before the end of the week... (Night just nodded at that last part when I read it to him-he even knows it is true.)

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Anna said...

Nice job Mom! I bet he loves it! Is it still together?