Saturday, November 03, 2007


Since I am supposed to be writing every day this month and I've already failed (even though it is only the third day) at THAT, I have decided to write about another failure of mine!

I AM going to eat healthy again, starting tomorrow. I don't know what happened--I was pretty healthy for over a month-eating fairly well and exercising a lot. I lost some weight and felt pretty good.

Then I stopped.
Then, I started; for a day or two. Then I stopped. Then, I started; for a day or two. Then I stopped. Then, I started; for a day or two... you get the picture.

I keep saying that I will start tomorrow, but as the saying goes, tomorrow never comes. Or, it comes and goes, taking my good intentions with it.

Tonight, I 'm planning on making up a menu for this next week. MAYBE that'll make me stick to it better. Josh is really good at sticking to his plan, and he said he is going to start eating better today, so maybe...

I also thought that telling ya'll about my plan to eat better would help, but then I thought about how I told you about Nablpomo and that didn't matter either. I seriously don't know how to motivate myself. Josh has the hardest time trying to motivate me as well.

So anyway, I'm going to eat healthier, starting tomorrow. Or the next day...


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