Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kitty Cat Problems

We love our little (okay BIG) Wanda cat and even bigger Orson cat; however, we are tired of their cat hair being all over the house. I mean ALL OVER THE FREAKIN' HOUSE. With all the animals and the kids, it is impossible to keep our house clean, and that just makes everyone depressed, so something has to be done. After making a very difficult decision to give the cats to someone else, I posted an email on Nobody replied.

*side note* I would like to know why when I post something (which rarely happens) to give away, NOBODY wants my stuff. But when someone else posts something and I try to get it, EVERYBODY AND THEIR BROTHER has already gotten it. NO FAIR! NO FAIR! *end side note*

It was hard enough to decide that we were going to get rid of our babies (just the cats-we'll keep the human ones for a while-but they need to watch out if we decide to become clean freaks-they aren't very clean either...), but then when nobody took them, it was even harder to try to give them away again--it is kind of like the gods were telling us that we should keep them,but I don't really believe in gods, and the hair was sooo overwhelming...

So, I told Josh to try Craigslist instead. BIG MISTAKE. Have any of ya'll looked at the pet section on Craigslist?? There is a safety-type warning at the beginning that talks about selling the animals instead of giving them away because they might be used in fights or to be fed to snakes or all kinds of horrible things. (this gets even worse) THEN, when you look in the classified ads, you see lots of ads for PAWS. These ads have beautiful pictures of dogs who need homes RIGHT AWAY or they will be put to sleep. PUT TO SLEEP.

As Josh is showing me the warning note, I think to myself, "Oh, the cats will be fine. These things don't really happen... but am I really willing to take that chance?" Then he moves on the the posts with the pictures. My next thought is, "CALL PAWS! CALL PAWS! We need to save all of the animals. We need more dogs in our chock-full two bedroom house. What's a little hair?

So anyway, does anyone want some wonderful kitties? We have some here that need to go to someone else. They are beautiful cats, and if our house were bigger, we'd keep them. How about some dogs? You can't have ours, but PAWS has a lot of cute ones!

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