Saturday, January 19, 2008

Discount City

All of Nashville is on Clearance Sale this week, ya'll!! Listen to Read the deals that I have found this week! You can say it-I'm an amazing shopper...

Thursday, we went to Old Navy in Cool Springs. I found a beautiful sweater, a fabulous scarf, some slippers (2) and socks (a quarter each!!) for the kids. I paid with a $20 bill AND GOT BACK SOME CHANGE.

Yesterday was the day I hit the big jackpot, though.

Target in Brentwood had a million women's clothes on clearance- 75% off. I found an ADORABLE hoodie for $4.98. I also got Josh a mini guitar thingy for his ipod. How cute is that?! Three bucks.

Goody's here in Franklin was amazing. The whole freakin' store was on clearance!! I think the sales there are still going until Monday. I might go back-it was that good. I bought a very COMFORTABLE velour sweatsuit for 8 dollars. (I had to get something to wear for my spa treatment. The invite said something comfortable. I couldn't let Malia down!) I also got a cute pink sweater with a scarf attached. My husband will kill me when I tell you this: He said that the sweater was neat and wondered why guys didn't have cool clothes like that. I offered to let him borrow it, but apparently pink isn't his color. Maybe when I go back tomorrow, I can find a more boyly blue or green for him.

Have any of ya'll noticed that K-mart leaves their stuff on clearance FOREVER? They still have some Christmas stuff on 75% off clearance. I got some Martha Stewart Christmas ornaments that I had my eye on back when they were $9.99. Fabulous.

I love getting stuff for cheap. I feel so self-righteous-like I screwed over BIG BROTHER or something.

I am also chomping at the bit to let you know that today I found lemon juice at Kroger, normally $1.85, on sale for $0.50. FIFTY CENTS! But to blog about that would be absurd. Nobody cares about lemon-juice.

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Margaret said...

btw, I care about lemon juice. mmmm......