Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Killed the Crab

I bought the kids one of those toys that grow bigger in water-a crab for Night and a cat for Keira.

They were cheap, and they'd be fun bath toys, right? Wrong. I didn't read the directions, of course, until after I had them home and had told the kids that they could play with them that night while they took a bath. As the kids are jumping around in the tub, I find out that they aren't like the little pellet like things I Santa bought at Christmas time that grow within minutes of hitting the water. They take UP TO 24 HOURS to grow.

Oops. 24 hours is a long time for a 4 year old, and an eternity for a 2 year old, right?

No problem! I'll just let them take a bath, and then leave the cat and crab in the tub with a little bit of water so that they can grow. Then the next day, the kids will be able to see how big their toys grew, and we'll just keep the "pets" in the tub.

Great idea until Mom decides to take a HOT bubble bath. I'm not sure which did it--the extreme temperature (I like me a nice steam bath with my wine) or the aromatic bubbles, but the crab disintegrated! Gone.


On the upside, I found a cure for crabs...

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Missy Delp said...

OH MY WORD... I laughed out loud at "I found a cure to crabs..." You are hilarious!! Mari, how I miss you!