Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Originally, I had been super-excited for tonight to come. Big Brother 9 starts tonight. I know-I should be embarrassed that I am looking forward to such a trashy show, but I am.

However, the less advertised and even more exciting event for the evening comes on after Big Brother! JERICHO IS BACK!!

The story behind Jericho's return gives me goosebumps! After what the producers (or whoever it is that decides these things) were less than impressed by Jericho's first season, they canceled it. Canceled it after a cliff-hanger. They were just going to leave us hanging--and let us fall.

The fans of Jericho heard of its demise and brought it back to life! In order to protest, fans of the show sent almost 10,000 pounds of nuts to CBS. It was a reference to one of the lines in the show. You'll have to catch up in order to understand! I believe that every episode from season 1 is available to watch at CBS.COM, and I highly recommend it. I just finished watching the season finale in order to get pumped for tonight, and it worked!!


Amy said...

I keep meaning to catch Jericho, but haven't seen it yet..

Mari said...

Oh! You can catch up on cbs.com--all of the shows from the fist season are there for free! I absolutely love the show.