Friday, March 07, 2008


I love the rain. I am in love with rain. I am certain that sleeping with the window open while it rains is what heaven would be like. When I'm awake, I love to read by an open window during the rain.

I want to move to Seattle-for the rain. Of course, I would love to move anywhere-for the adventure, so I guess that doesn't have much impact.

I have considered buying one of those sound machines that play rain, but then would that ruin my love affair with rain? If I have rain EVERY night when I go to sleep, I wouldn't get that little excited feeling every time I hear that it is raining. But maybe it would be worth it because I would get to sleep with the rain ALL of the time.

To compare, I am in love with Josh. I never get tired of him. I still get that excited feeling with him. Maybe I should get the rain machine... But I do love Josh lots more than I love the rain, so maybe I shouldn't compare the two. I shouldn't get the machine...


Anna said...

I got a sound machine for Christmas - theory being, if I woke up to an alarm clock which sounded like a rainforest (or rain) I'd be a better morning person - didn't work.

I digress - the rain setting sounds like white noise, you know, like when your radio is out of tune. It's nothing like the sound of real rain.

Mari said...

I don't think either one of us will ever be morning people!! Seriously, I've been getting up at 5:30 or earlier every day for a year, and I still HATE it!!

superrelish said...

Good rain music is nice, but it is the smell of rain that I love, especially rain falling onto a hot tin roof.

As for alarms, I like Anna's theory, if you wake up to something positive it is a good start to the day. My alarm used to play Amazing (in an attempt to delude so I would go for a run - didn't work for the running but at least I had a decent song stuck in my head for the walk to work). Sean's alarm is a siren with a helicopter fan that actually flies away. He must get out of bed, find the rotor and replace it to stop the siren blaring. I am an evil wife but at least he gets out of bed at the first siren/alarm!