Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm a Sucker

for a cute dog.

You may remember that we got Charlie from about a year ago when someone listed that the owner had died. Anyway, there are a lot of offers for dogs on freecycle. I usually read them, and Josh says, "YES! YES!" and I say, "Yeah right. As if we don't have enough going on in our little house."

Well, yesterday there was an offer for an AUSSIE MIX PUPPY. I don't know what that means, but I do know that I like dogs, and I like Aussie... So, the story started out the same but ended differently!!

Meet Dash. (probably Dash, what do you think of MAX?)

Apparently Aussie Mix means um... mutt. He looks nothing like an Australian Shepherd, does he? You can't really see his body type, but I really think he looks like a long haired daschund. I was kind of expecting a herder type dog, but this little guy won't be herding anything! Anyway, he is adorable, and we all love him. Well, Scully (lead dog in our house) is getting used to him. She is mildly amused by long as he stays away from her food.

Speaking of Scully, she helped us clean out the fridge today.

What a great little helper!!

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Anna said...

Definately Dash, I like that. Plus, then you can say "Dash dog-gone it!!"