Thursday, May 22, 2008

Wish Me Luck

The library books are due today. Here we go again!

I am taking my purse this time-with a diaper in it. Night has already locked himself in the bathroom once today (at Charlie's vet), so hopefully we won't have anymore bathroom incidences...


chez b├ęziat said...

Good luck. I went to the library today but luckily my teen son is here to watch the kids at home while I venture out alone.

It was a breeze.

Anna said...

I'm laughing all over again at your episode. Sorry!!

Christine said...

I'm just impressed you know when your library books are due!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my guest post at Fussy' can be a bit scary to guest post!

I'm planning on starting back up my photo series on my blog. If you're interested, I am using reader's photos as examples of how we can improve our photos (if you followed the link on my post at Fussy's, you can see how I did it with one of her photos). You'll get some linky love and a reworked photo, too!

Thanks again!

Turning Japanese said...

JET program... Great fun. People do bring their entire families. I am sure it is slightly harder and more organisation but what an adventure. Totally possible.
Mostly you teach junior or senior high school... Fun.