Friday, July 25, 2008

Too Sexy for my Skirt

I went to TARGET yesterday and found some fantastic clearance deals. I bought a cute little mini-skirt for $2.98!

I laid it on the counter after I got home, and Josh saw it. I asked if he liked it, and he said that he was having dirty thoughts. Intrigued, I went to try it on.

It was about 2 sizes too small! As I tried to wrestle it over my hips, I called Keira in and told her to push my butt into my skirt for me. We both tugged and pulled and pushed! I looked up at Josh and asked if I looked as hot as he had imagined.

He didn't answer...

I guess that is better than the answer he could've given!!

I did get the skirt on-all the way even, but I think I may wait a few months before I wear it out of the house! For now, I will just hang it outside of the closet where I can see it every morning, providing inspiration to get myself out of bed to workout!


Brian E. Tower said...

LOL! We all have to find our motivation somehow, and I can't think of a better method than yours. Good luck and good health.

livelaughlove95 said...

Oh, that is very funny! :-D


chez b├ęziat said...

What, no pictures? Just kidding.

Congrats on the good deal and the wordless reply by your husband. Nice post.

Freckle Face Girl said...

That is funny! I need some inspiration too...time to shop for clothes that are too small.