Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Night had a loose tooth.

After much whining, he let Josh pull it out. He is so adorable!

The new tooth is popping through already.

This is his third "lost" tooth. Actually, only one is lost...

His bottom two adult teeth, much like this most recent one, were coming in before the baby teeth were pulled. They were both loose around the same time. I distinctly remember the first one. We played tooth fairy and Josh put the tooth in his little treasure box.

As for the second tooth, I don't remember it coming out! Josh doesn't remember either. Night says that he does, but he is 5, what does he know?

We checked the treasure box--the second tooth is not there! He now has both adult teeth in the bottom, so it had to have come out some time, but I think the tooth fairy missed that one!


superrelish said...

GRRRR - the photos won't load, I want to see the pretty pictures!

The tooth fairy around here lost tooth one, tooth two was drunk along with the glass of water it was in by some unsuspecting poker player. Managed to keep tooth 3, but it had something dropped on it and split in half. I know tooth 4 is here somewhere, I hope!

Anna said...

I can't see the pictures either. How funny that you have no memory of tooth 2? I remember 1 tooth I lost had a filling in it, the deal was if it had a filling, the toothfairy didn't pay as much. The next morning I had so many coins, way more than I should have. Let's just say the tooth fairy came home from a party flying a little crooked that night. She dropped the glass and smashed it, waking me up, in an effort to keep the mystery I was ordered back to bed and she emptied her pockets in my glass!! Score!!

Mari said...

Yay for drunk tooth fairies!

I had to run in and drop the coins in that morning-- AFTER I woke Night up for school. I forgot to deliver the goods until I saw the glass on the dresser. Luckily, he was groggy and went straight from his bed to the couch, giving me time to run through the house to the piggy bank!