Friday, January 08, 2010

Update on Dash

Well, I think Skyla is still in heat, but Dash has lost interest in her. Whoo hoo! No more whining and scratching at the door to get to her!

The weird part of this story is that Dash still feels amorous, but now it is directed towards Charlie. Charlie is our old, fat, almost crippled, black lab. He has been neutered.
Whenever Dash gets the chance, he is trying to cuddle and lick Charlie's face and ears! It is as if Dash is trying to woo him!

Even more disturbing, I think Sky is still in heat because she keeps...uh...strutting her stuff in Charlie's face.

Charlie has gone from the lump that occupies space to the mac-daddy of our doggy population! Unfortunately for Charlie, he is not enjoying his new status quo. The annoyed look on his face says he misses his alone-time.

Poor Charlie! Hopefully soon the raging hormones will settle down and he can have some peace!

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