Wednesday, May 30, 2007

104 Things About Me

Updated in purple 5/30/07

1.I have a son, born 3/12/03. (Connor Night)
2.I have a daughter, born 9/18/05. (Keira Bryce)
3.I married the best man in the world on 7/1/00. (Josh)
4.We got married less than 5 months after meeting.
5.I used to be a school teacher.
6.I am used to be a dental assistant 4 days a week.
7.I am a waitress 2 7 days a week.
8..I absolutely LOVE HATE my ex-boss (Dentist).
9.I have a 2 dogs.
10.I have two cats.
11.I was an exchange student in Australia for 1 year when I was in high school.
12.I've been back twice.
13.I've been to Costa Rica, Guatemala, and India-all on missions trips when I was in school.
14.I haven't been on an airplane since my "honeymoon" in October 2000.
15. I am an ex-Christian, by choice, not because I'm lazy or anything.
16. But I am lazy.
17. I love to play poker online.
18. I have a lomography camera.
19. I don't have any friends in the state I live in, which is currently Tennessee.
20. I've lived in Arizona, Texas (I think, but I was too little to remember), Michigan, Ohio, Tennessee, Colorado, Indiana, and now back in Tennessee.
21.For the first time ever, I kind of feel like staying put for awhile (unless I was offered a permanent stay in Australia).
22.I love like Rachael Ray.
23.I love to read.
24.I keep a book in my purse at all times-you never know when you'll get a couple of minutes of downtime.
25.I love to watch movies, but I don't get to do it very often.
26.My husband (and I, but mostly him) owns more DVDs than I can even guestimate a number. Maybe 1000?
27.He is a stay-at-home-father-soon-to-be-director.
28.He tells me I couldn't be a stay-at-home-mother. I think he is right.
29.My husband tells me he loves me at least five times a day.
30.I love to watch 24.
31.I love to watch Charmed.
32.I love to watch Big Love.
33.and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
34.and X-Files
35.and CSI.
36.I usually watch them on DVD rather than on tv.
37.I would like to be a scrapbooker.
38.My son makes me laugh everyday. and my daughter does too!
39.He makes me yell everyday too. and my daughter does too!
40.My daughter makes me smile everyday, soon she'll probably make me laugh everyday too.
41.I'm cheap thrifty.
42.I am not really very opinionated.
43.When in Australia, I was given the nickname "?" (with a nametag) because I blend into the crowd so much.
44.I'm very easygoing.
45.I don't get mad very easily, but I do get frustrated and irritable.
46.I take zoloft.
47.I am a very happy person, though.
48.If I could, I would travel ALL the time.
49.We haven't left the state since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. We went to Texas!
50.We've barely left the Nashville area.
51.I love ice cream.
52.I need to lose weight.
53.I've lost 5lbs recently.
54.I don't want my children to grow up to be fat.
55.We try to go for walks every day.
56.Josh was my only "real" boyfriend.
57.I would be lost without him.
58.I am the youngest of 5 kids, well 7, but I've never met 2 of my half-brothers.
59.I hardly ever see any of my family.
60.Josh is an only child.
61.His parents come down to see us about once a month.
62.We are a one-car family. Update: we now have an Xterra along with jeep!!
63.We moved into a house in February (rental).
64.It is the first house we have lived in together.
65.We live in Franklin, Tennessee, which is very close to Nashville.
66.I love the Dixie Chicks.
67.I don't have a radio in my jeep.
68.My husband and I send text messages to each other all day.
69.I would like to do pilates, but I don't have take the time.
70.I hate sweeping. I don't do it. Josh sweeps almost everyday (refer to #s 9 and 10).
71.I don't like chocolate flavored things.
72.I do like chocolate, though.
73.I hate making small talk. I'm no good at it. (refer to #19)
74.I wish I did have some friends here (other than my husband).
75.I like to play The Sims, although I haven't for awhile.
76.I like to play Nintendo games with Mario as the character. Josh is always Mario. I am usually Toad, or Toadette, or Yoshi. The princess annoys me. I LOVE MY NEW WII!
77.I own one dress. I haven't worn it since I bought it 2 16? months ago. Nope-still haven't worn it!
78.I don't wear makeup very often.
79.I sometimes get in a "girly" mood, though.
80.I dye my hair red.
81.I have a few gray hairs, despite what my husband tells me.
82.My mom has had a full head of gray hair since I was born. She was 32.
83.I don't mind having gray hairs, but I don't want to have brown hair, so I have to dye it.
84.I blog while I'm at work. I can't blog while waiting tables at work!!
85.I feel kind of guilty when I blog at home.
86.I have a daisy chain tatoo on my toe. It looks like a toering.
87.I love daisies, but I don't get them very often.
88.I had a daisy bouquet at my wedding that my mom got for me.
89.Our SIMPLE wedding was planned by Josh's parents. We just showed up for it.
90.I am now embarrassed that I went to Christian high school and college.
91.I feel like I missed out a lot on life.
92.I'm two and a half years older than my husband.
93.I'm almost 30 31. He turns 27 tomorrow 28 soon.
94.I never used to swear-until about a year ago. Now I do sometimes, especially during MarioKart.
95.I'm very competitive-as long as it is something I'm good at.
96.I am addicted to caffeine.
97.I've been skydiving-twice.
98.I am NOT a night person, although I wish I were.
99.I love GREASE.
100.I love The Gilmore Girls.
101.I change into my pajamas almost as soon as I get home.
102.I wear scrubs to work, so I am basically in pajamas anyway, but I still change.
103.I iron my scrubs every morning. I'm SUPPOSED to iron my polo shirts, but I don't.
104.I used to be a wide-load sign driver.


Anna said...

Why is everything crossed out!? Are you trying to erase your past?

Mari said...

Oops! I fixed it!

Anna said...

Yay!! I know it is only an update, but I love these things. I'm currently working on a new one for mine.

Jaime said...

Mike and I would love to hang out and be friends with ya here in Nashville. :-)I hope you are feeling better soon!

Mari said...

I know! How much did that suck that I was sick when we would've been able to go out without the kids! I'm feeling a little better now-a week later! I think this Tennessee weather is giving me allergies.